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Arkansas Sentencing Commission

A Division of the Arkansas Department of Corrections

Public Notices

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Welcome to the Arkansas Department of Corrections! The Department is comprised of over 6,000 dedicated employees within the following:

* The Division of Correction (formerly the Arkansas Department of Correction);

* The Division of Community Correction (formerly Arkansas Department of Community Correction);

* The Corrections School System (Arkansas Correctional School District and Riverside Vocational Technical School);

* The Office of the Criminal Detention Facility Review Coordinator; along with the

* Administrative functions of the Criminal Detention Facility Review Committees;

* Administrative functions of the Parole Board;

* Administrative functions of the Sentencing Commission; and

* Administrative functions of the State Council for the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision.

We have so many staff that are knowledgeable and talented working and serving our state!  They are doing this work because they believe in public safety!  Our shared goal is to continue to have a service-minded culture, and by working as one Department, to strengthen our ability to be a science-driven/data-driven team dedicated to continuous improvement.  We are in the people business which makes this work difficult and, at times, unpredictable!


To the best of our ability, we prepare those in our custody and under our supervision to be productive and law-abiding citizens. That starts by setting a professional example every day and remaining fair, firm, and consistent in following our policies. Our policies are based on national standards and implemented with safety and security in mind.  Being data-driven in our decision making, policies, and practices will improve the success of our mission.

Thank you for visiting the Arkansas Sentencing Commissions’s website. I am honored to be their Secretary!



Wendy Kelley

A letter from the Secretary of the Department of Corrections:

Office of the Secretary * 6814 Princeton Pike * Pine Bluff, AR 71602 * 870.267.6200 *

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Arkansas Sentencing Commission is to establish sentencing standards and to monitor and assess the impact of practices, policies, and existing laws on the correctional resources of the state.

Public Notices
  • The Sentencing Commission is currently accepting public comments for a proposed rule amendment.  (See Legal Notice, Clean Rule, and Mark-up Rule).  Please use the comment box on this page or call with any comments.

  • Some benchbooks which were mailed prior to February 1st, 2018, contain an error on pages 8 and 12.  Please see instructions for correction.  Benchbooks mailed after February 1, 2018 and accessed via the website are updated and do not require correction.

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